An inspiration

Just yesterday as I was sewing in the studio, I was listening to the radio and they were playing this piece of music.  It was an arrangement for brass of Arthur Sullivan’s The Lost Chord. I didn’t know a thing about the piece, but it gave me an idea. What if we made a ‘Cathedral dress’? The music sounded fitting for a holy place, its high ceilings flooded with bright, white light. It had a great peace and stillness about it, as well as a sort of majesty. So the dress to go with this music would be white, or maybe (perhaps) pale yellow; long, flowing, with a sense of upward motion. Maybe it would be simple. But it would definitely look like a moment of calmness and purity seized and then materialized in fabric. The note I scribbled to myself next to the rough sketch was, “all about light and up,” which sums it up pretty well.

Later I went and looked up the piece. Arthur Sullivan, as it turns out, is the Sullivan of ‘Gilbert and Sullivan’ fame, and The Lost Chord is a commmemoration of his brother’s death. (That would explain the calmness, splendor and majesty!) The Cathedral dress won’t have anything to do with the sorrow of the piece, but the stillness was certainly a very interesting beginning to an idea.



One thought on “An inspiration

  1. What a beautiful idea, Melinda. I will be interested to see what ‘materializes’ from these ideas. Will you include the colored light that sometimes streams in through stained glass windows, or just white/pale yellow. I’ll keep checking back to see what you’ve come up with!

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