For Your Information

Hi! This is Melody. And this is a little update on what’s happening over here at Melody Valerie Couture. We may look rather dormant, but we aren’t! We’re pushing hard to finish all of our dresses before Thanksgiving. So pardon us if you don’t see much selling activity until the end of this month (or the beginning of next). We’re just getting ready for the Christmas shopping season, so as to be able to spread as much joy, cheer, and beautiful clothing as possible!

That said, I’ll definitely keep the blog updated. I’ll interrupt Melinda (my seamstress) from time to time to photograph what she’s working on–I know you’ll love seeing the magic that happens in our studio as much as I do! And wow, is it cool to see three or four copies of the same dress at once! I’ll also post about us, and maybe even do a little virtual tour of our studio.

So, until December you probably won’t see much selling activity. Just keep checking the blog for the latest updates on whatever it is we’re up to, and maybe, if I get creative, we’ll have some fun giveaways or something later on…

See you around!


PS– a quick note about the collection, because it seems to confuse everybody. We have five models this season and we’ll make five copies of each. That means five Joie de Vivre dresses, five Madeleine dresses, five Crimson Bouquet dresses… you get the idea. So if you see a dress you like, you’d better jump on it before we’re sold out! Some of them seem quite popular, and I’ve got a feeling they’ll go fast! ~Melody


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