The Perfect Box

We’ve been looking for a very long time for the perfect box. We wanted something beautiful, so that you could have an experience as lovely as your dress. No shoving of dresses into padded mailers for us!

Melinda searched hours on the Internet, trying to find a solution that would work with mailing boxes and full-length gowns. At last we found a great candidate. We ordered a sample, and then ordered a hundred. Guess how delighted I was to find this in our studio last night!the boxes have arrived

Of course Melinda and I opened it at once. Here’s what the boxes look like unfolded:boxes-002


And then, once you’ve folded one all up, here’s what it looks like: boxes-0071

As you can see, it’s nearly as tall as me! But that was the idea; this way, we won’t have to fold the floor-length gowns in half during shipping.

One added bonus that most people probably didn’t forsee: you can play boat or car or hotel or almost anything in it, once you’ve started wearing the dress round the clock! Great fun all around!boxes-014

Melinda (who had the camera) caught Samantha and I hamming it up a bit. Oh well!

Anyway, if you know a doll who wants a beautiful dress for Christmas, go pick one out at our Etsy shop (! And it will come to you snuggled up in tissue paper, with its care instructions and a bit of lavender—-and all that in the Perfect Box.



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