Visit our Studio!

01studiotour-0411After all this talk about our dresses, we decided it was high time we showed you what we’re up to! And what better place to start in our studio? So, welcome to the place that really is the home of Melody Valerie Couture! In the pictures, Samantha and I (Melody) are both wearing the Crimson Bouquet gown—-it’s one of my favorite dresses, and it’s a whole bunch of fun to match!

Let’s begin. And, like all good tours, we will begin at the beginning. Here’s the sewing machine, with me (Melody) standing next to it. (Melinda was photographing it by itself, but it looked so bare and lonely that I decided to pose next to it.)02studiotour-016

If you go to the left of the sewing machine you’ll see the iron. It’s not very glamorous, but it does great work (and our dresses wouldn’t be much to look at without it! Did you know, pressing is just as much an essential part of construction as sewing?)06studiotour-011

Anyway, facing the ironing board and turning over your right shoulder, you see… 03studiotour-013

Samantha being beautiful on the main table in the middle of the room! Well, yes, you see that, but that’s not what I meant. Really what I was getting at is this:05studiotour-006 the bulletin board! As you can see, it’s covered with sketches, lists, beads, buttons, bits of patterns, dress-shaped ornaments, and even a tiny paper airplane! So while it is trying to be functional, it also keeps us all cheerful while we work.

Finally, going to the right of that is the microwave cart, which, needless to say, no longer holds a microwave. Instead, we’ve covered it with sewing supplies! 04studiotour-007And now it’s the sort of place you can easily play ‘I spy’. The cabinet thingy in the back is for sewing notions (snaps, hooks, beeswax, hand needles, extra little scissors and seam rippers, seam gauges, extra pins, and other miscellany). Then you have what Melinda likes to call the “thread spectator stand”, where she keeps all the thread. There’s a lava lamp which we never use hiding behind the fake flowers on the wall, and (my favorite) a plastic vase which we now use to hold pencils. Oh, but we mustn’t forget the pincushion. (We have one of the tomato kind, but this one is way cooler!) You can see it here in the lower left corner of the picture. Basically it’s an old teacup which one of Melinda’s friends turned into a pincushion. She decorated it, glued it to its saucer, and stuck a bunch of fabric-covered foam in the middle. Very clever, and Melinda loves it. (I do too! It’s so cute! And the bit where the pins go in is so squishy. If I were a pin, I’d want to live in a place just like that…) Anyway it’s a clever gift idea, especially if you have a budding seamstress near you who wants something a bit more beautiful than your standard red tomato pincushion.

In the bottom of the microwave cart is where we keep all our completed dresses, wrapped up in tissue paper inside their beautiful boxes. The boxes stack beautifully underneath the main level, and we’ve got a pack of tissue paper down there in the picture too.

And off to the right of the cart is where we keep all the fabric! Melinda puts all the pieces for each dress into a large ziploc bag once she’s cut them out. That way she can have all the pieces ready and together whenever she wants them. (They do have a way of losing themselves, even though our studio is tiny…)studiotour-021

And, because our studio is tiny, that concludes our tour! Thanks for coming along with Samantha and me, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the inner workings of our business!



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