Customer Spotlight

Hello! This is Melody. I was poking around on Etsy, and discovered that one of our customers has a blog! It’s a pretty cool place where she posts a lot of pictures of all her dolls wearing the fabulous new outfits she finds them. Two of her dolls (Ellie and Stella) have dresses of ours….and they look terrific!

Here’s the link: Check it out and see all their neat outfits!



Silly dolls in the snow!

This is Melinda, and I have to tell you this because it was too funny not to!

It’s been very wintery around here lately–we almost never get snow, but this week we got seven or eight inches. Highly atypical, but exciting nonetheless.

Well, as soon as Samantha and Melody woke up, they started pestering me. They wanted to go outside and play in the snow, because snow, after all, is a treat for them too. But not only did they want to play, they wanted to try dressing up and getting photographed while they were doing so!

I looked at them. “Be serious,” I said. “You’ll freeze to death if all you wear is a pretty dress.”

“But,” Melody protested, “it only snows once in a blue moon, and if you get some good  photographs, you can use them instead of the ones you’ve got now! It’s worth a try, at least!”

I relented. Melody was right–it was worth a try. Gleefully the two dolls slipped into their favorite dresses and waited impatiently as I bundled myself up, grabbed an assistant, and found the batteries to go in the camera. Then we all headed outside.

I carried them out, as I didn’t want their feet to turn blue any earlier than they had to. We found a nice, undisturbed patch of snow and I set Samantha down. She giggled. “Oooh! It’s freezing!”

Samantha in the snow

Melody shook her head. “Of course it’s freezing! That’s why it’s snow and not rain!”









I managed to get these pictures in before Samantha lost her balance (she couldn’t reach the ground, the snow was so deep) and did a textbook faceplant. She emerged, sputtering, from the snow. “Wow!” she exclaimed.

By this point Melody could wait no longer. “My turn!” she cried, and leaped from my arms. She landed in the cushion of snow and began making a snow angel.”See? I’m a snow fairy!” Melody's snow angel 


The ‘snow fairy’ did not last long, though. Samantha had made the perfect snowball and it didn’t take long for the snowball to find Melody. Suddenly, a full-fledged snowball fight was raging. It lasted a full two minutes, and I was surprised they weren’t blue with cold when they finally collapsed, panting with delight, in the snow. Dollies in the Snow

“That was so much fun!” said Samantha.

“Yeah,” said Melody. “But man, am I cold!! Can we go inside now?”

So we did. They took off their wet dresses and drank hot cocoa and sat, steaming dry, by the fire.

Will you ever meet two more playful dolls? Thinking that galavanting about in the snow without coats or mittens or scarves is fun! Thank goodness they have strong constitutions, or else they’d have caught quite the cold. Anyway, our little escapade into the Winter Wonderland was a very futile attempt to get good pictures. But, since they got such a blast out of it, it was worth it in the end.  Silly dolls! I love them to bits…


Sold Out!

Thanks to all our wonderful customers, we’re now completely sold out of the Joie de Vivre dress! Our five copies have found homes in Ohio, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma! I really love seeing where all our packages go, and it’s exciting to think that our Joie de Vivre dresses are now beautifying the lives of dolls all across America.

Snow on WordPress!

I was messing around with the blog settings the other day, and discovered that for wintertime, WordPress has this little box you can tick that says ‘enable snow on blog’ (or something to that effect). So I ticked the box. And now, (no surprise here) it snows on our blog. I just think that’s the coolest thing ever! So if you see little white dots floating down your screen, that’s what’s happening…

“…let it snow!…”


Hello out there!

Hi, this is Melody writing. I just wanted to say hello to all of you out there! I get a little lonely for you all sometimes… I really want to do a giveaway of some kind, but I have to figure out something good to give away first! I’m thinking maybe a little pearl necklace, like the kind that comes with the Madeleine dress. What do you think? Melinda thought maybe a fancy pincushion or something, but we don’t know how many of you sew. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted.

I’m busy working on designs for the summer line (it will be terrific! I’m so excited!). Melinda hasn’t been doing much these days, but that’s because she’s taking some classes currently and is trying desperately to finish up the quarter. But once she’s through with finals, she’ll be sewing up a storm. Lots of dresses to be made around here, you know.

And then before you know it it’ll be Christmas! I can’t wait! (It does make it difficult, though, to design summer dresses while really wishing for snow. Up here in the Great NorthWet it mostly rains, so snow is a big treat.)

Well that’s what’s new around here. I should go–I’m busy trying to figure out how to create a confection in blue rayon–but I hope your December is as happy and busy and productive as mine is turning out to be!

Love, Melody