Hello out there!

Hi, this is Melody writing. I just wanted to say hello to all of you out there! I get a little lonely for you all sometimes… I really want to do a giveaway of some kind, but I have to figure out something good to give away first! I’m thinking maybe a little pearl necklace, like the kind that comes with the Madeleine dress. What do you think? Melinda thought maybe a fancy pincushion or something, but we don’t know how many of you sew. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted.

I’m busy working on designs for the summer line (it will be terrific! I’m so excited!). Melinda hasn’t been doing much these days, but that’s because she’s taking some classes currently and is trying desperately to finish up the quarter. But once she’s through with finals, she’ll be sewing up a storm. Lots of dresses to be made around here, you know.

And then before you know it it’ll be Christmas! I can’t wait! (It does make it difficult, though, to design summer dresses while really wishing for snow. Up here in the Great NorthWet it mostly rains, so snow is a big treat.)

Well that’s what’s new around here. I should go–I’m busy trying to figure out how to create a confection in blue rayon–but I hope your December is as happy and busy and productive as mine is turning out to be!

Love, Melody


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