Introducing Lisette

lisetteishere-018Meet Lisette, the newest member of the little Melody Valerie Couture world.

She’s a delightful mix of charming and spunky, and full of truly ladylike grace. Samantha and Melinda and I are all thrilled to have her along.

Lisette Is Here 19She seems to be enjoying herself so far; she used to work at Nordstrom Rack matching shoes, but modelling custom dresses is way more glamorous.







Plus she’s a beautiful painter, and she’s already set to work covering our walls with images of far-away places, fantastical creatures, and (my favorite) a visual representation of Debussy’s Second Arabesque! She’s such a talented girl that it seems like every day we discover something new she can do.copy-of-ensemble

So, here’s Lisette. I hope you all enjoy getting to know her at least a tiny bit as much as we are!



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