Introducing Fairyland

Hello! This is Lisette, and I’m here to show you (at last) one of my pictures. I did this one last weekend. fairyland0001

This is the princess Jane, who lives in Fairyland. I drew her in her favorite spot of the fairy castle—-the Secret Garden. She comes here to think and sing. The columns are made of rhubarb and inside everything is green and alive and flooded with light. There isn’t  any ceiling, so when it rains she doesn’t come here unless she wants to get very wet. But the plants love the rain. And anyway in this part of fairyland the rain is wonderful—-big drops that plop softly onto the ground.

Jane is going to have to cut the creeping vine. It’s getting far too big for its own good! And anyway it’s rather ugly. (I put it in with gouache after I’d done all the watercolor, and the colors are quite garish! On the other hand, it is quite lovely to have it going all the way up the column…so maybe it can stay.) I’ll have to use a different color for it next time.

Oh dear me, look at the time! I have to go. I hope you liked this first excursion into Fairyland. Next time I’m going to paint the throne room and the King and Queen, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about Jane, and Fairyland, and how the whole thing works.

Love, Lisette


One thought on “Introducing Fairyland

  1. Wow Lisette you are one terrific artist. If you weren’t modeling(by the way you are totally awesome at modeling) I would look into being an artist! I’m hoping to see some more drawings from you in the future!

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