The Sew Expo Report

I (Melinda) went a week ago Saturday (sorry it took me so long to tell you about its wonders)! I spent the whole day shopping, looking at all the wonderful booths and dreaming of new projects. I did find some fabric for the spring line–it was almost the first thing I found when I walked in the fair! A friend of mine pointed me towards this booth where they had a lot of wonderful fabric on rolls, just begging for new homes. And they had exactly the color of chiffon I was looking for!  Needless to say, I snapped it up.

I spent the rest of the day exploring the expo. One booth had all kinds of fabulous stuffs— exotic, amazing and truly gorgeous! Wool from Italy, linen from Ireland; and one bolt of wool (it was a lovely light blue color) was softer than butter. I hadn’t planned to shop for the fall line at the Expo, so I didn’t buy anything, but next year you can count on seeing some of these amazing fibers featured in the new designs! There were all kinds of booths, carrying quilting fabrics, embroidery and smocking supplies, sewing machines, apparel fabrics, outdoor fabrics, antiques, embellishments, and oh! one of my favorite places was a little booth packed with cotton lace. It had all been made in France, and it was exquisite. I bought some because it was all too beautiful not to. (Look out for some amazing lace coming up someday, too!) Anyway it was a wonderful day, with inspiration and gorgeous fabric galore!

I’m definitely going again next year. If you’re around, you should come too!



One thought on “The Sew Expo Report

  1. The sewing expo sounds lovely! I wonder if there are any where I live, since I like sewing a lot. Mostly, though, I make everyday dresses because I’m not good with fancy fabrics…so I’m really excited for the spring line! If my parents will let me I think I will save up for one of the dresses. Jessika probably should get it since she has the best grades.

    P.S. I will post about this site on my blog so that my friends will know about it.

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