The Countdown Has Begun!

That’s right, only one week left until the Launch! I’m sorry I haven’t posted more lately, but as you can imagine getting an entire line ready is not a small task. Here’s an update on what we’ve all been doing:

I’ve been busy running all over creation, getting the last bits of fabric and trim and thread and the countless other little things that we need. Melinda has been sewing, sewing, sewing (threads are starting to come out her ears!) and Samantha is up to her elbows in computer files. I’m very bad at organizing them, so they were getting very cluttery and awkward to use. She jumped right in and is now fully embroiled in reorganizing them so that we can find them easily later.  Lisette hasn’t got an official job description yet, other than ‘model’, but she’s started work on writing the ads, and they look really good so far. And our cousin Kirsten is visiting! She came in on the train about a week ago, and after a few hours of fun and games, we went right back to work…and got her to help too! She’s really good at handwork and loves putting in zippers.

In a couple of days we’ll start boxing up dresses (that’s always exciting) and then next week sometime we’ll have a Grand Photoshoot. I was really hoping to have it outdoors, but it’s been raining all this week, and unless it starts drying out really soon, it will be too muddy. So we may have to have a Grand Indoor Photoshoot (which would be disappointing—but still fun.)

And that’s about what’s going on these days! I’ve got to run—there’s still lots and lots to do! But I’m getting very, very excited to show you what we’ve been doing all winter



3 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Begun!

  1. I’m so excited! I am about halfway there for saving for a dress, and my mom says I can buy one, yay!
    Like for the Winter dresses, will there be a mixture of formal gowns (Madeline and Crimson), formal dresses (Coppery Delights), and dressy-casual (Joie de Vivre & Fall Colours)?


  2. Oh, I wish I could tell you! But that’s part of the surprise…
    I think you’ll like them, though! We’re going to take lots of pictures this week, and then on Friday we’ll post them so that you can pick your favorite. =)

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