Spring is here!

And it’s full of bright, beautiful color! We have four new models, in pinks, greens, blues and yellows. Check them out at our Etsy shop (www.melodyvalerie.etsy.com) or click on the links in the widget at the right.




The Precocious Party Dress is available in two colors, for extra fun! Choose Candy Pink or Apple Green, depending on your doll’s fancy, and then party all night!






 The Summer Breezes dress is great for that elegant summertime outing; it evokes hot summer days with the slightest hint of a cool breeze. Rich, clear blue with solid white accents, finished with a bold, distinctive Melody Valerie bow.





Dainty white polka dots adorn this soft yellow cotton; gentle ruffles and a tiny, delicate silk ribbon bow add softness and femininity to a dress that evokes the first tender buds of springtime.  It will also serve as a sundress during the warmer days of summer, especially for dolls with more delicate coloring.






Alice in Candyland: the brightness and cheer of a pink plaid, with a cute ruffled skirt and pleated shoulder straps. Great for adventuring, whether it be tromping around the backyard, climbing trees, splashing through streams, or just reading a good work of fiction.



We hope you enjoy our spring and summer offerings! And be sure to check back next week (April 3) for a special surprise…

Melody, Melinda, Kirsten, Samantha and Lisette


6 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. I can’t believe they sold out that fast! 😦 I liked the dainty dots dress a lot…I would have bought it but I only just came back from school. *sigh* The other 2 are pretty, but I’m not such a pink-fan.

    Will there be any more dresses in the Spring line?

  2. I’m sorry to double comment, but my dad said that I might be able to have a dress custom-made for Sonali’s Easter clothes! Are you still doing custom outfits?

  3. Hello Sitara!
    Actually I just relisted the Dainty Dots dress. I’ve made four copies of it and so far only sold one, so there are three more looking for new homes! I’ll have three more Summer Breezes dresses coming up, as well as one more green Precocious Party dress.
    Yes, we still do custom outfits. If you want one, I’d be happy to chat about it over email (melodyvalerie [at] live [dot] com)!
    Happy Spring!

  4. Thank you so much! I just bought it…I think Sonali will be very surprised.. ;D I also have my own Etsy account, sitarastarlight.
    I’m very excited for the new dress!

    • Quinlyn,
      At this point we charge around $75 for custom orders; that covers the cost of making a new pattern and sewing the garment, but not materials. If you’re interested, poke around on our ‘Custom’ page to see our previous custom projects!

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