Here it is!

The Verdant dress — SOLD

verdantdress-041 Here is the surprise we promised you last week! This dress is truly one of a kind and we worked really hard to make it stunningly gorgeous. verdantdress-145

Graceful hand embroidery, layers of soft green tulle, and bits of Swarovski crystal throughout for sparkle.


Melinda and Melodyverdantdress-142verdantdress-098verdantdress-118 verdantdress-085verdantdress-155verdantdress-064verdantdress-103verdantdress-045


3 thoughts on “Here it is!

    • Hi Kelsey,
      We list all the dresses we make in our Etsy shop, and you can purchase them there (just click on the widget on the right of the screen to go there). We made this dress last year, and it’s completely one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, it’s already sold. However, we post about all the new dresses that we make and list in our shop on this blog, so if you keep reading you’ll definitely know about what’s coming and when!

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