Cherry Trees

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re rather fond of plants around here, especially ones that flower. So when I found myself around some gorgeous cherry trees today with a camera….well, here are some of the results. cherrytrees-010They’ve been blooming long enough now that some of the petals are starting to fall, and the ground is covered with little bits of pink, like snow, only softer and more spring-like.




And if you happen to shake a branch, you get showered with petals! It’s very enchanting, and there’s a beautiful faint smell to go along with it.

It reminded me of this idea I had for a hat last year. Its brim would be two layers of chiffon or organdy. Sandwiched between the layers would be a wire frame (for stability), and lots of little pieces of pink paper, cut out like cherry blossom petals. So when you bent the brim up to fit your fancy, the ‘petals’ inside would cascade around and make interesting patterns. I didn’t have any clear visions for the crown; maybe it would be a crownless number, like they had earlier in the century; or maybe it would be an interesting swathe of pink silk. cherrytrees-011With, of course, a very tasteful bow!


Happy Spring, everybody!


One thought on “Cherry Trees

  1. The cherry trees are beautiful! I especially like the first photograph, it looks very romantic and almost as if it’s a road out of a fairy tale.

    Having a petal-hat sounds lovely, too. I’ve seen skirts like that but never a hat.


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