Happy Customers

I love it when people post photos of our dresses in action! It’s so exciting to see them doing something out there in the great big world! Here are two of our customers’ blogs for you to check out:

The Verdant dress has found a new home at Badger’s Wood! It’s now gracing the lovely Sundari: http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/2009/04/melody-valerie-verdant-dress.html The cream and all the delicious greens go quite nicely with her darker skin tone, don’t you think?

And for some lovely photos of another happy, well-dressed doll, check out http://americangirlcouturereview.blogspot.com/2009/04/melody-valerie-couture.html where you can see Sonali wearing the Dainty Dots dress. And quite nicely, I must add. Yellow is a great color on her! There’s some really great shots on this blog—two thumbs up for Jess (their photographer!)




4 thoughts on “Happy Customers

  1. Thank you for linking to us! I’m glad that you like my photography, since I’d like to be a fashion photographer some day.

    I’ll have another blog post up once my dress comes. Thank you again for reserving it for us!

  2. Hi. I’ve been a fan of your line for a while. I think it’s really neat and your dresses are so pretty! Hopefully I’ll be able to buy one someday! My dolls would be very happy!
    I have a question. I’m wondering how often you make a new clothing line. I know you just put one out so it will likely be a little while, but I’m just wondering how often you put out a new line.
    Thanks in advance, and I love your dresses!


  3. Hello Starr! It’s very nice to meet you!
    At the moment, we can only manage two lines a year; the next one is planned for the fall sometime. But we may put up a couple of assorted items over the summer, depending on how it all goes.

    Which dress is your favorite?


  4. Hey! You answered very quickly! Thank you.
    I think my favorite right now is the pink Precocious Party Dress; I like its asymmetry and I think it fits my doll Rose’s style very well. However, I think she’d wear her high tops with it; she’s that type of girl. 🙂 That dress keeps growing on me and I want it more every time I look at it! Rose may be getting an unexpected present soon…as soon as I can get $35….heh, heh! I’ll see….
    Anyway, keep up the good work!


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