Springtime Sunshine

On Tuesday, the sun was shining so beautifully that we just had to go outside and take a bunch of pictures! Here are some of my favorites:  springtimesunshine-026


Lisette and I scheming about what kinds of shots would be cutest!springtimesunshine-014

Here’s Samantha hanging out next to the bench; you can see just how lovely a day it was out in the meadow, with the sun making little spots of light on the grass!






Kirsten and I: two nice little vignettes. Kirsten is so cute! She found a dandelion and picked it (in the interest of weeding, you know) and then posed with it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how charming she can be at odd moments!












Later on: Kirsten and Samantha in a little tête à tête. Don’t they look lovely sitting together in the sun?


Lisette came over at some point, but had to run off and do something (I forget what) while Kirsten  springtimesunshine-050told Samantha and I about the size of the fish in Minnesota, where she’s from! It was really quite astonishing—just think, fish nearly as big as us!  (But then again, I do not pretend to know about fish. Fabric is my specialty!)

And last, but not least, a really nice group shot :springtimesunshine-0061 I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!



4 thoughts on “Springtime Sunshine

  1. Cool pictures! I like the last one the best, but they all look so real in the second to last picture, where Kirsten is showing how big the fish are.
    You are lucky to still have spring weather; it is already quite hot here.
    Samantha looks great in the pink Precocious Party Dress, so I think it will look good on Rose, who looks kind of like Samantha. I’m still saving up….


  2. Ah, the glories of spring. They all look happy and delighted to be playing outside! And so finely clothed, too! And the sun is shining here…

  3. Aww, they look so cute! I love the lighting in these photos. The bench is perfect, too.

    My favourites have to be you and Lisette talking, and Kirsten describing the fish. But I love them all!

    By the way, Jessika LOVES her new dress! It has quickly become her prized possession and she refuses to take it off, even though this means standing in her room all day so as not to get it messy. If you click on my name, there are photos (and there are more on the post right before that). Thank you so much for reserving it for us–and for embroidering her name inside!

  4. I have doll from Minnesota who’s name happens to be…. Kirsten! I wonder what else they have in common? By the way love all the dresses!

    Message from Kirsten- Hi Kirsten here! I just love this Melody Valerie Couture. My favorite dress has to be… The Middy Dress. Of course all of my sisters love it including Hallie. It’s her favorite to. I would just love to talk to Kirsten 2.

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