An update

Hello everybody, Lisette here. It’s high time somebody wrote about what’s going on over here!

The short version of the story is, not much is happening right now. Our studio just got painted, so for the last couple of weeks all our stuff has been in turmoil and is only just now starting to settle down back to normal. So, obviously, we haven’t been able to make any dresses lately. And it’s been hard to be creative at all, since we’ve been so busy moving things in and out of the room, cleaning out the stuff we don’t need anymore, and then rearranging it all again, that we haven’t had much time for anything else!  However, the studio looks really fabulous, and it’s much tidier now than it was, say, the week before the spring line launch!

Other news: Melody’s cousin, Kirsten, is moving in! We’re all very excited. She came during the launch to help out, and found she liked it so much that she decided to stay. She claims she’s tired of the snow in Minnesota, and that the fishing here is really great. So that makes four of us dolls here! We’ve been having lots of fun going on adventures to the park, having picnics, and enjoying the beginning of summer. And Kirsten is really good at hand-sewing (her stitches are incredibly tiny and precise) so Melinda is glad to have her around.

Melody has taken me to the library a couple of times to start garnering ideas for the fall line, but she won’t start designing in earnest until later in the summer. I love going to the library–there are enough books there to keep me busy for a lifetime! Melody is really good about focusing on what she wants, though. Last time, she looked through a couple of books on famous fashion designers and came home thinking very differently about the fall line. We’ll just have to wait and see how much of that really rubbed off!

Anway, that’s pretty much what we’re up to these days. Melody says she’ll write a post the next time a good idea for a dress hits her.

Talk to you all later!



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