A brief hiatus from the online world

all packed up!

This pretty much sums it up. Everything is (mostly) packed. We hope we’ll be able to start moving tonight and tomorrow, but in the meantime there’s lots of cleaning to do!

We are also going to be off-line for the next couple of days. Supposedly our service here stops sometime today, and they won’t come out and turn it on at the new studio until sometime later in the week. So, we are going to be taking a forced vacation from the internet!

Before we go, though, here’s a brief update on the fall line: I’m not sure how long it will take me to finish all the sewing, plus we still have to do a photoshoot, &c., so we don’t have an official date quite yet—-but we’re aiming for sometime in late August or early September. By that point we should be well settled in to the new place and have had plenty of time to get the fall line all finished up!

We’ll talk to you all again at the end of the week, most likely, so until then, stay cool and have fun!  Hope you all are having a lovely summer!

Melinda, for all the Melody Valerie Couture staff


News from Lisette!

Hello everybody! Lisette here (I do seem to be the news gal around here, don’t I?)

It’s been very hot here lately, much hotter than we’re used to, but we’ve compensated by playing in the sprinkler and having dress-up parties in the shade—all loads of fun! Melinda is making good progress on the Fall line, and she says she’ll post in the next couple of days about the Big Launch. (And maybe I can get Samantha to make a little widget that counts down the days! That would be exciting!)

But the biggest news of all is: we are moving! Yes folks, that’s right, we’re getting a new studio! It’s going to be fabulous!

Needless to say,  we did a lot of packing this morning; most of everything went into several huge boxes (much, much larger than me—Kirsten and I tried to lift one, but failed miserably. Melinda just laughed at us and moved it herself!) We have almost everything packed, but there’s a few loose things still lying around waiting to be swathed in newsprint and hidden in the depths of a cardboard box.

Of course, this means that we can blog during the next week or so (that is, at least until Melinda packs the computer!) and probably fill orders, too—but it might take us just that much longer to find your dress and put it in a box and then get it to the good old P.O. so it can get to you.  So thank you for your patience in advance!



PS—Once we’re finally settled, and sortof unpacked, we’ll post pictures of our beautiful new work/playspace so you can see it for yourself! It’s so very exciting! I just can’t wait!


Lavender 024

This is the time of year for lavender, and our bush is really going gangbusters! 

Why do we like lavender so much? For one thing, it smells really good—there is nothing like rubbing your hand along a lavender stem and smelling the fresh, distinctive fragrance all along your fingers!  Lavender 034

We also like to put a bit in with every dress we sell, as it keeps the dress nice and fresh during its journey to Wherever You Are! So yesterday we went outside and cut a bunch of sprigs to dry for just that purpose. (We had some dried lavender left over from last year—but it’s starting to lose its color, and frankly, the new stuff is prettier, more vibrant, and has plumper blossoms, not to mention the fact that it smells even better!) These sprigs will accompany our dresses until the lavender bush blooms again, and you can look forward to getting a little slice of our summer with every dress!



Sold out!

summerbreezes-0671We just got an email from Etsy—a lady has ordered the last Summer Breezes dress! This little blue number has now found homes in Ohio, New Jersey, Ireland (yes, that’s right, we do ship internationally), and Washington!  What fun! Thank you everybody for your interest in this dress—we hope it will help you beat the heat in great style during the summer!

Melody & Melinda

PS from Lisette: I am sad to see the last of this dress go, because it was one of my favorites! But I know the dolls who own it now will love it even more than I do!

Edwardian Fashion Plates

Once upon a time, I found this website:


The University of Washington has a whole bunch of old fashion plates as a part of their special collections division, mostly from 19th and 20th century fashion journals. They’ve scanned quite a few of them, and if you click on the link above, you can go browse them. Here are a few of my favorites from the Edwardian era—I love how clear and bright the colors are from this period!

dress 1912 rosedress 1913


outfit 1914dress 1913 bird

skirt 1914 




Lace and Chiffon

Lace and Chiffon 048

The ladies at Badgers’ Wood liked the first dress we made for their new 1950s doll so much that they asked us to do another for them! This one is an elegant concoction of lace and chiffon, topped off with a giant bow at the waist (no wonder I like it!) Below is a picture of the original dress. As you can see, the skirt is pleated and the bodice has two terribly cute little straps over each shoulder.



Lace and Chiffon 034

Finding fabric was a bit of a challenge; of course, this dress needed lace, but Penny and the 1950s doll didn’t want the dress to be either black or red or white. Since those colors are three of the most common for lace, we knew we were in for a bit of an adventure! Happily, though, it didn’t take us long to find this glorious brown lace. It’s a very interesting and complex color, somewhere between chocolate brown and a deep maroony purple.

Lace and Chiffon 020Lace and Chiffon 022









For the base fabric, we got a delicious red-brown silk; it’s soft and drapey, and pulls out the little bits of red in the lace very nicely. And it made a beautiful bow!

Lace and Chiffon 014

If you haven’t visited the Badgers’ Wood blog lately, I recommend you do so!  Nora and Penny are posting lots of things these days, including  pictures of the 1950’s doll herself and Penny’s recent trip to American Girl Place in New York. You can even vote in a poll to name the 1950’s doll! One of the most exciting things, though, is that they are giving away one of their dolls—so if you’re interested, go and enter: www.thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com.

See you all later!