Sold out!

summerbreezes-0671We just got an email from Etsy—a lady has ordered the last Summer Breezes dress! This little blue number has now found homes in Ohio, New Jersey, Ireland (yes, that’s right, we do ship internationally), and Washington!  What fun! Thank you everybody for your interest in this dress—we hope it will help you beat the heat in great style during the summer!

Melody & Melinda

PS from Lisette: I am sad to see the last of this dress go, because it was one of my favorites! But I know the dolls who own it now will love it even more than I do!


8 thoughts on “Sold out!

  1. Sounds like these dresses are selling fast! It looks like another Alice in Candyland dress was sold today, too. How many of each dress are left now? I ask because I’m (still) saving up for the Pink Precocious Party Dress and I’m hoping it won’t be gone before I can get it. But whatever happens, you’re a great couturier and I love all your dresses! 🙂


  2. If you look at the fancy little widget that Samantha made with the links to our Etsy shop, it should say how many of each dress are still available (although now it needs updating again…) Currently we have two Pink Precocious Party dresses, two Alice in Candyland, and two Dainty Dots left in stock.

  3. I’m glad that the dress has found a home! It was a beautiful dress, I’m glad that someone will get to enjoy it!

    I’m also thinking about ordering the pink party dress and dainty dots dress. There’s 2 available? On your etsy page, it says there’s only one left in stock. I’m kind of hesitating because I would hate to get it when Starr wants it so badly, and has been saving up for it.


  4. Avery~ I think there are two dresses, so we could each have one. It just says there is one in stock at Etsy because I think it does it one at a time. I don’t know, but she said there were two above, so that’s what I’m going with.
    But that’s very considerate of you to think of me! 🙂
    Oh, and Melody~ I messaged you guys on Etsy about a question I had, but only after I sent it did I read you are on vacation for the weekend. By Monday, it will probably be too late, so you can just disregard it. But if for some reason you do get to read it before then, then, well, thanks. 🙂
    (That probably made very little sense. Sorry! I talk a lot, don’t I?)


  5. That dress is beautiful…if I had a modern doll with red hair for it, I would’ve gotten one. Congratulations on having it sold out!
    Out of curiousity, how many dresses will be in the fall line? Four, or five, or more?

    • Since we’re trying to keep almost everything about the fall line a surprise, I can’t tell you. Sorry about that! Hopefully, though, it will be more exciting that way!
      On the plus side, Melinda and I are thinking about a launch date, and we’ll give you what information we can soon…


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