Lavender 024

This is the time of year for lavender, and our bush is really going gangbusters! 

Why do we like lavender so much? For one thing, it smells really good—there is nothing like rubbing your hand along a lavender stem and smelling the fresh, distinctive fragrance all along your fingers!  Lavender 034

We also like to put a bit in with every dress we sell, as it keeps the dress nice and fresh during its journey to Wherever You Are! So yesterday we went outside and cut a bunch of sprigs to dry for just that purpose. (We had some dried lavender left over from last year—but it’s starting to lose its color, and frankly, the new stuff is prettier, more vibrant, and has plumper blossoms, not to mention the fact that it smells even better!) These sprigs will accompany our dresses until the lavender bush blooms again, and you can look forward to getting a little slice of our summer with every dress!




2 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. You are just convincing me even more that I must get a Melody Valerie piece! I will wait until the fall line comes out, and it is nearly my birthday, to decide.

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