News from Lisette!

Hello everybody! Lisette here (I do seem to be the news gal around here, don’t I?)

It’s been very hot here lately, much hotter than we’re used to, but we’ve compensated by playing in the sprinkler and having dress-up parties in the shade—all loads of fun! Melinda is making good progress on the Fall line, and she says she’ll post in the next couple of days about the Big Launch. (And maybe I can get Samantha to make a little widget that counts down the days! That would be exciting!)

But the biggest news of all is: we are moving! Yes folks, that’s right, we’re getting a new studio! It’s going to be fabulous!

Needless to say,  we did a lot of packing this morning; most of everything went into several huge boxes (much, much larger than me—Kirsten and I tried to lift one, but failed miserably. Melinda just laughed at us and moved it herself!) We have almost everything packed, but there’s a few loose things still lying around waiting to be swathed in newsprint and hidden in the depths of a cardboard box.

Of course, this means that we can blog during the next week or so (that is, at least until Melinda packs the computer!) and probably fill orders, too—but it might take us just that much longer to find your dress and put it in a box and then get it to the good old P.O. so it can get to you.  So thank you for your patience in advance!



PS—Once we’re finally settled, and sortof unpacked, we’ll post pictures of our beautiful new work/playspace so you can see it for yourself! It’s so very exciting! I just can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “News from Lisette!

  1. How exciting, you’re moving! Good luck, I know moves can sometimes be chaotic and stressful.

    I can’t wait for the Fall Line! I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

    By the way: I just ordered 2 of your dresses, the pink and yellow, off of etsy! I’m very happy, I can’t wait to receive them.


  2. Good luck with moving! I hope that you like your new studio and it inspires you to make even more stunning ensambles.

    I can’t wait to see the fall line.

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