A brief hiatus from the online world

all packed up!

This pretty much sums it up. Everything is (mostly) packed. We hope we’ll be able to start moving tonight and tomorrow, but in the meantime there’s lots of cleaning to do!

We are also going to be off-line for the next couple of days. Supposedly our service here stops sometime today, and they won’t come out and turn it on at the new studio until sometime later in the week. So, we are going to be taking a forced vacation from the internet!

Before we go, though, here’s a brief update on the fall line: I’m not sure how long it will take me to finish all the sewing, plus we still have to do a photoshoot, &c., so we don’t have an official date quite yet—-but we’re aiming for sometime in late August or early September. By that point we should be well settled in to the new place and have had plenty of time to get the fall line all finished up!

We’ll talk to you all again at the end of the week, most likely, so until then, stay cool and have fun!  Hope you all are having a lovely summer!

Melinda, for all the Melody Valerie Couture staff


One thought on “A brief hiatus from the online world

  1. Good luck with the move! I hope you like your new studio.
    I can’t wait for the fall line, I’m really excited to see everything 🙂

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