And, we’re back!

But only for a minute. Turns out they’re not going to be able to turn on the internet at the new place until the middle of next week sometime, so I’ve snatched this precious moment online to let you know the reason for our continued silence…

Nearly all the things are in the new studio, but we still have to finish cleaning the old one before we can move out for good. I would have taken a picture of all the boxes in the new place, except that I couldn’t find the camera! So, here is something else pretty for you to look at:

Arundel Castle

(This is Arundel Castle, in England—it’s one of the places I want to go someday. I think it’s simply beautiful, and I love the arched windows! Go see  for yourself:

And hopefully we’ll be back later in the week with pictures of our own ‘castle’!

See you then,



5 thoughts on “And, we’re back!

  1. Beautiful castle 🙂 and you probably won’t get this message but I hope your new studio is perfect, and have a wonderful time! 😀

  2. I love that castle! Since before I can remember, I’ve dreamed of living in a place like that. If only I’d known about Arundel Castle when we visited England!

    I hope your new studio is awesome! Good luck with unpacking 😉

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