The Fall Line is here!

Good morning, everybody!

The Fall/Winter 2009 Collection is officially up on Etsy! We’re very excited about this new line, and think you’ll find something any doll will like. You can peruse the dresses by clicking on the links in the widget on the right, or check out each dress’s individual page by clicking on “The Dresses” at the top of our blog. Thanks for all your interest, and have fun exploring the new layout!



6 thoughts on “The Fall Line is here!

  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my gosh, everything is absolutely stunning! I want each dress, they’re all beautiful!
    You did not disappoint with the fall line!

  2. I just discovered your blog today and good gosh, everything is so GORGEOUS.
    You truly have a great talent and your site photography looks like the Anthropologie catalog. I hope you plan on doing some historical items sometime (Josefina! Kirsten!) – that would just be epic!

  3. AWESOME outfits!! I think my favorite is probably the Coppery Delights one, but the Wintry Meadows one is very cute too. Hopefully you will still have some left by Christmas…maybe I can talk someone into getting me one. 🙂

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