Sold Out

I just went to the post office this morning and mailed the last two SchoolGirl dresses. Melody and I were astonished at how quickly they sold out—-thank you everybody for your interest!

We’re always happy and sad at the same time when the last of a dress is sold. There’s something mysterious about having put that much time and love into a creation, and then knowing you’ll probably never see it again. But of course, we’re thrilled that so many dolls are wearing our designs! And they’re going worldwide, too, which doesn’t usually happen! The first two were bound for two different cities in the state of Ohio; the last two are going to Arizona and England. We’re all very excited to see what the new owners think of them!



5 thoughts on “Sold Out

  1. I’m sad that they all sold out 😦 The SchoolGirl was my favorite of them all. I barely had time to think about ordering one, they sold out in only a few days. It was just $48 for a doll dress, and I don’t spend that much money on clothes for myself. I guess I hesitated too long, and now they’re gone! 😦

    • Sorry I sound slightly whiny in that post. I’m just disappointed that they’re sold out!

      Is there a chance that this design might be coming back next year, like the other dresses did?

  2. I feel really mean now for taking the last dress 😦 Please bring it back next year, so many other people loved it 😀 I can’t wait till it arrives!

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