New Photo Page

Since it has been quite a while since we posted, and even longer since we put up a picture for you to look at, and especially because this post is all about pictures, here is a photo for you! One of our customers sent us this last week—her Rebecca doll, modelling her new Crimson Bouquet dress.

Rebecca in Arizona, wearing the Crimson Bouquet dressOf course, we were delighted to see this photograph. The joy of seeing other dolls across the country wearing and enjoying our dresses is something we have yet to get over!  

So, as part of the ongoing site re-do, we are starting a new page for photos of dolls wearing Melody Valerie Couture, and we’d love your help to do so.

If you have a favorite photo of your doll in her Melody Valerie dress and would like to see it on our new page, please send it to us via email at melodyvalerie [at]! Please be sure to include your doll’s name, and, if you don’t mind, the state or general region in which you live, for the picture’s caption.

Thanks everybody! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



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