Two things of interest

Finally, the new customer page is up! Here’s the link:

Or you can just go find it from the “Welcome” page. Don’t forget to send us your photos and we’ll put them up, too!

In other news, we sold the last Snowflake dress yesterday! This one is destined for Canada—how exciting!  Samantha is going to update the widget later on today…

Stay tuned—we have another surprise in the works, and are hoping to tell you all about it within the next week!



3 thoughts on “Two things of interest

  1. I love the new customer page! I see Avery and Erin in their dresses! I sent a few other photos of Nicki in the Dainty Dots dress, if you need any more.

    I’m bummed, the School Girl and the Snowflake dresses were my favorites! 😦 That’s what I get for not ordering in time. I like the other designs, but they’re really formal, except for the Fall Colors.

    Hmmmm, I wonder what the surprise is? (A Snowflake and School Girl dress for me! Haha, just kidding!) I can’t wait to see.

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