Fabric Depot

We had hoped to post a little more about the surprise we’d hinted at last time, but it’s taking longer than we anticipated to get it ready for you all! So it will have to wait for a while.

In the meantime, I (Melinda) am here to tell you about my recent trip to Fabric Depot (www.fabricdepot.com). Please turn on your imaginations while you read this post—I didn’t have the presence of mind to take any photos, so I’m afraid imagining this experience along with me is a bit of a necessity!

So, think of everything you know and love about fabric stores—silks, quilting cottons, corduroys and wools, home decorating fabrics, flannels, printed cottons, scary weird shiny costume fabrics, fancy going-out-to-the-theater fabrics, home decorating fabrics, needles, thread, snaps and thimbles, random and possibly useful sewing gizmos, and buttons—is your imagination working yet?

Now that you have thought about everything you know & love in your favorite fabric store, take your mental inventory and imagine the selection to be twice (or, dare we say three?) times as great. There is a slight possibility that Fabric Depot might not be the largest fabric store in the nation, but it sure beat anything I’ve ever been to before! Several aisles of bridal and special occasion silks (crazy beautiful plaid duppioni anyone?), and row after row of cottons in nearly every kind of print imaginable! (They were even organized by subject: birds, wild animals, airplanes, babies, alphabet, 1860’s historical, cooking…you get the idea!) It was very inspiring and a little humbling.

Of course, after gazing in delight at the miles of bolts of fabric in the very high-ceilinged store, I headed to the clearance section. I am happy to report that I found a most beautiful fabric there—one I’d been dreaming about (rather off-handedly, yes, but it was in my dreams nonetheless). Of course I snatched it up, and I’m quite sure you all will get to see it in March when the spring line comes out!

I found some lining I needed (a beautiful cotton/silk blend), did a bit more shopping for the spring line, and then hit the winter fabric section.Herringbone twill from Wikipedia Commons That’s where I found something that looked like a tiny herringbone twill (herringbone twill is a kind of weave, and it means the threads in the fabric make tiny chevrons. I found a picture on Wikipedia Commons, so you can give your imagination a little break…) Anyway, this fabric only looked like a herringbone twill. In reality it was a gorgeous, lustrous gray-green corduroy with the twill pattern printed to perfectly align with the wales (wales are the little  ridges corduroy makes). I had to get some. I have no idea what I’ll use it for…but I simply couldn’t resist!

It was almost time to go when I hit the buttons section. I’ve never been much of a button person, but after this trip I think that has changed. I have never seen so many wonderful buttons in one place at one time! The display of Dill Buttons (www.dill-buttons.com) was especially wonderful. They have lovely, detailed designs, perfect for dolls, and the buttons do not look cheap at all upon close inspection. To make things even better, all their gold buttons are plated with 24k gold! I was delighted and bought quite a few. I know you all will see them in the months ahead!

When I finally left the store, I was quite a happy camper. I had a blast at Fabric Depot and I know I will return if I ever get the chance…



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