Some lovely things to look at

perugia shoe from Vintage Textile

Look at this beautiful shoe!

I found it on Vintage Textile (, a wonderful online site filled with vintage clothes and accessories.  They have so many fabulous things! Here are a few pictures from their website (click on each picture to take you to its page).

1923 wedding dress on Vintage Textile

marigold dress

vintage milliners rose

I was so thrilled  to discover them! Their stuff is museum quality, and Melody and I just love looking around and being inspired!

spencer detail

Will you take a look at the embroidery on this spencer? It’s a real garment from the 1810s, and it just takes my breath away.

I can’t believe how much detail there is — first, the work is beautiful overall, and then the stitches look so tiny, regular and masterful!

Can you imagine how much time that must have taken? And it’s a real piece of history — someone really made it and wore it, long ago.


If only everything we did in life could be as thoughtful, careful, and truly beautiful!

In other news, we got a bit more done on the new Christmas line this weekend! It’s coming along, and we know it’s going to be fabulous…


PS—all photos are property of Vintage Textile. Just so everybody knows!


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