From us to you

Things for which we are profoundly grateful:





clothes of all sorts


rain and sunshine

getting to make beautiful things out of extraordinary fabric

and of course, our wonderful customers!

♦    ♦     ♦     ♦

On this day of reflection and celebration, what are you thankful for?

—the MVC staff: Melinda, Melody, Samantha, Lisette and Kirsten




And the line is up!

Instead of dresses this time around, we decided to try something a little different and make outerwear! We hope you enjoy the Ivy Cape and the Holly Coat!

And, of course, they’re up in the Etsy shop! We’ve listed them a little bit differently this time, so that all the copies are on one listing. Hopefully that will work a bit more smoothly this time!



Button pictures

Well, everybody, here are the buttons we told you about last week!


Aren’t they lovely? Just look at that detail! And to top it all off, they’re plated with real gold (24 k!).  Melody keeps staring at them, in wide-eyed disbelief that we’re actually going to use real gold as part of the Christmas line!


Speaking of the Christmas line, we’re very, very close to having a launch date for you all. It will be either this Saturday or next…. Samantha and I still have a little conferring to do! We’ll let you know as soon as we decide!

Talk to you all soon,


The latest news from the MVC world

Imagine the chagrin we felt when we realized it’d been more than a week since we last updated this blog! Obviously this Christmas surprise is keeping us really busy! But, as Lisette keeps telling me, it is coming along nicely, so I suppose that makes up for it…

I think we’ve finally managed to purchase all of our materials — we were short a few buttons, but they came in the mail just last week. They are really lovely, so we may photograph just them to show you sometime soon. (Next step: sewing buttonholes!)

Talk to you soon!