Hi from Lisette!

Well, as usual, we are very busy around here! People online seem to be getting a jump-start on their Christmas shopping and we are bustling about filling orders and making our own Christmas plans. It’s been rather cold here lately, but clear; it finally feels like winter!

We’ve now sold two Coppery Delights dresses! I’m so excited about that! It’s the very first Melody Valerie dress I ever got to wear, and it’s still one of my all-time favorites. And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that two other dolls get to own it!

And, we are already cooking up plans for the Spring Line! Some of the things that Melinda and Melody are coming up with are so cute that I’m almost sad it’s winter now, even though I love wintertime. Ah…

Anyway, I should get back to work — there’s a lot to do around here!

Talk to you all later!


PS– We have a couple of new photos for the customer page! They’re really pretty, and hopefully we’ll have them up soon…


4 thoughts on “Hi from Lisette!

      • I forgot, but my name on Etsy is CJ (The initials of my first and middle names)! If you have the time, you could change to “Reserved for CJ”, but if not, that’s okay.

  1. The Coppery Delights dress is lovely!

    I’ve put the Holly Coat and the Statement in Taffeta gown on my Christmas list. Thank you so much for your recommendations!

    ~Sitara & Ruthie

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