Friday the 18th

If you’ve got your eye on something in our shop and would like it before Christmas, don’t wait! Packages shipped to the US should arrive in time to be snuggled beneath the tree if you order by this Friday!



2 thoughts on “Friday the 18th

  1. I’m not technically ordering any for Christmas, but I think I’m ordering something tonight. I was just wondering, I have a long-haired cat. Am I able to use a lint-roller on my Melody Valerie Dress?

    • It should be fine to use a lint roller on the dress — the only danger could be if your lint roller happened to be the extremely sticky sort, in which case you might get some fuzz from the dress itself along with the cat hair; however, if it’s a mildly sticky lint roller, and if you’d feel safe using it on a nice suit, you should be fine! Hooray for cats!

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