FIDM Museum Blog

The other day I discovered a wonderful website — the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum’s blog! FIDM is located in Los Angeles, but you can visit their blog here for a taste of what the museum’s collection is like if you can’t get over there any time soon!

Not only do they post pictures of interesting, gorgeous historical garments regularly, but there’s always a bit of background on each item; something for your mind as well as your eyes!

And of course, here are two of my favorite items from their more recent posts:

This dress is covered with 3-D silk organza flowers. Isn't the detail stunning?

And of course, we all thought the detail on this evening coat was scrumptious -- to say nothing of the color!

Here’s the link again: Go and have a look — it’s definitely worth your while!



Sunshine + the Polichinelle dress

It rained almost all last week. Imagine our joy when we awoke to find today bright, clear, and downright warm! Lisette, Melody and I did a little photoshoot outside to celebrate.

The other happy thing from today was that Inky received her Polichinelle dress!  Click here to see her pictures. Isn’t she beautiful?  (I was going  to put one of her photos up in this post, but the computer had a different idea about that. I’ll ask Samantha to tackle this one  — we really want Inky on this blog!)


the Customer Photo page

Hi everybody! Lisette here!  (And no, that beautiful girl in the photo below isn’t me, although I do get my picure on this blog a lot!)

April Rayne in Canada wearing the Fall Colors dress

After a long afternoon of wrestling with the blog, Samantha and I  have finally managed to get the customer photo page back up and running (and it looks much prettier now, if we do say so ourselves!) Check it out here (or you can find it through the “Welcome” page, like before). We’ve put in some new photos, and some of them are simply gorgeous (like the one above of the lovely April Rayne from Canada!).

There’s just something so satisfying about seeing all these dresses go from nothing more than dreams to very real entities in real dolls’ closets… Did I mention I love my job? =)

Talk to you all soon,

The Vintage Roses dress

We finished the second custom order this weekend, and have some lovely photos on this dress’s page! (To get there, click on the photo above, or go to the Custom page and look for the photo there.)

We’re all very happy with how this dress came out! I (Melinda) tried out some new types of seams, and they worked marvellously; and all the dolls agreed it definitely passed the twirl test! We certainly hope the custom doll for whom this dress is destined loves it as much as we all do!

the new year is here

Welcome to 2010, everyone!

And we’ve finished the Nutcracker dress — it was a lot of work, but definitely worth the effort! It’s now sitting quietly in its box, waiting for the first leg of its journey tomorrow when I’ll take it to the P.O.

Of course, there are some finished pictures, and we’ve written a blog page for you all to read; you can find it by clicking on the “Custom” tab at the top of the page, or you can simply click on the large and beautiful photo below …

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Twenty-Ten!

Melinda, for all the MVC staff