The Vintage Roses dress

We finished the second custom order this weekend, and have some lovely photos on this dress’s page! (To get there, click on the photo above, or go to the Custom page and look for the photo there.)

We’re all very happy with how this dress came out! I (Melinda) tried out some new types of seams, and they worked marvellously; and all the dolls agreed it definitely passed the twirl test! We certainly hope the custom doll for whom this dress is destined loves it as much as we all do!


4 thoughts on “The Vintage Roses dress

  1. OK, so I have to admit, my daughter couldn’t wait any longer and showed me this dress. This is my Christmas present from her and the girl in the photograph is my mom, who passed away 16 years ago. My daughter is customizing an AG doll with a new wig and making her for me, in rememberance of my mom. Her name is Emma Jeanne, and I will certainly send pictures of her wearing the dress as soon as the project is complete! Melody Valerie, I am beyond ecstatic about how beautiful this dress turned out! It is truly a special work of art and will be treasured beyond what you can imagine.

    • Angela, we have so enjoyed working with your daughter on this project. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to replicate one of your mother’s dresses from her girlhood. Although we never knew your mother, we hope the dress reminds you of her and the love you shared every time you dress your Emma Jeanne doll in it. (And of course we’re impatient to see photos!)
      Melinda and Melody Valerie

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