Sunshine + the Polichinelle dress

It rained almost all last week. Imagine our joy when we awoke to find today bright, clear, and downright warm! Lisette, Melody and I did a little photoshoot outside to celebrate.

The other happy thing from today was that Inky received her Polichinelle dress!  Click here to see her pictures. Isn’t she beautiful?  (I was going  to put one of her photos up in this post, but the computer had a different idea about that. I’ll ask Samantha to tackle this one  — we really want Inky on this blog!)



3 thoughts on “Sunshine + the Polichinelle dress

  1. Pretty pictures! And of course, pretty dresses. I’m glad you have sun, even though you’ve passed the week of rain on to us!

  2. Very pretty pictures, Lisette, Melody, and Melinda! Your dresses are beautiful!
    The Polichinelle dress is gorgeous and very detailed. It looks lovely on Inky. 🙂


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