What’s happening in the MVC world

Thank you so much everybody for your kind comments about the Coronation dress! We really enjoyed making it and are so excited that it came out so well! (And Lisette just can’t get over the fact that one of our dresses is going to be in a movie…)

I’m posting today to tell you our very exciting news: we’re going to bring a new girl on staff! Her name is Sophia and she’s extremely beautiful, so once she arrives from Chicago I’m sure you’ll see her modelling dresses.

We got Sophia’s resume last year when we were looking for another model, but since she’s from Chicago, we weren’t going to be able to do an interview, and we opted to hire Lisette instead (she’s a local girl). However, Samantha had to be in Chicago on business this week, so we asked Sophia if she was still interested in coming to work for us. The answer was a resounding “yes”, and she’ll arrive at our studio in about a week!  Samantha really likes her, so of course the rest of us can’t wait to meet her…

In other news, Sew Expo (www.sewexpo.com) is this week, and some subset of us are going on Friday! I (Melinda) am going for sure, and possibly Melody; but we’re all working on the list of things to look for. It’s getting to be very large already… and we still have five more days to go!

And, because posts need pictures, here is one of a crocus out front of our studio (they are already blooming, probably because the weather has been incredibly warm and sunshine-y lately, not at all like February normally is!):

Also, we’re working on a date for the Spring Line and hope to be able to tell you more about it within the next couple of weeks or so…



the Coronation Dress

As we told you last time we posted, we’ve been working on some custom projects lately in addition to starting the Spring Line in earnest. Just today, we had the photoshoot for our latest custom order: the Coronation dress!

Starlight Movie Studios contacted us sometime early this year and asked us if we could make them a dress for their new stop-motion film project. Of course, we were thrilled at the idea of making a dress for a film, so we said yes. The film is about political intrigue, secret agents, and a young princess who becomes queen. (Hence, the coronation dress!) There are lots of pictures on its page (just click on the picture to go there) so have fun looking!


Polichinelle pictures!

Dear me — has it really been that long since we posted? It’s high time somebody fixed that!

This is Lisette, and Samantha wanted me to post and show you the pictures of Inky in her Polichinelle dress. So, without further ado:

Those are two of my favorites, but you can see the rest of them on her Flickr page!

And now, a slight word of excuse regarding our prolongued absence from this blog: to put it simply, we forgot all about it! Well, not completely. But we have been rather preoccupied lately; the Spring Line is starting to pick up speed, we’re working on two new custom orders (more coming on that soon) and we’re dreaming about what we’re going to get at Sew Expo at the end of this month. Yes, it’s true! The biggest sewing exposition in the nation is practically in our backyard, and some subset of us is going to be there to shop! Melinda wants to get some fabulous wools, Melody wants to check out the fashion fabric booths, and Samantha wants to go antiquing — there’s lots of sewing-related old stuff there, and while most of us love textiles, Samantha’s favorite is antique linens. (Seriously, I have never seen anybody get so excited about old napkins and handkerchiefs!) Kirsten is still thinking about what she wants, but French lace is definitely on her list — last year there was a man from Belgium selling French cotton lace for delicious prices, and Kirsten has been cherishing the bit that Melinda brought home last year.

Me? I just want to go look at buttons all day =)