We’re back and sewing!

As you might guess from the title of this post, life caught up to us in the last couple of weeks, and we haven’t had much time to devote to the Spring Line or to our most recent couple of custom orders. Oddly enough, however, ideas have been coming out our ears — mine especially! It was a bit frustrating to have all these ideas and then no reality to show for it. However, all that’s changed this week, as we’ve finally had time to start diving into some fabric, and the results so far are really lovely.

Anyway, this means that the Spring Line is at last well underway, and we’re looking at a tentative launch date within the next couple of weeks! Hooray! And just in time for Spring, too — isn’t Saturday the day spring officially starts? We know you’ll love the new dresses; they’re all so delightfully cute!

Off to sew some more! One of us will post again as soon as we’ve got a launch date for you to look forward to…



4 thoughts on “We’re back and sewing!

    • Hi Quinlyn!
      Actually, the Precocious Party dress won’t be coming back — like all of our dresses, it was a limited edition. But we have some really cute designs coming out this season that we hope you’ll like just as much!

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