A little note

Hello everybody! I haven’t got much time, but thought I’d just pop in to say hello and to let you know we’re still working away busily getting ready for the big launch on Saturday! We had the photoshoot this weekend and everything came out so delightfully charming! I can’t wait to share the new dresses with you all, and hope you like them as much as we do!

And, I’m off to do some more photo editing! Talk to you all soon,



5 thoughts on “A little note

  1. Yay! I can’t wait. I might be able to get a dress straightaway as a present if I get all As on my report card, or else I’ll save up for one. 😀

  2. Two days.. Am I sure excited. I’ll probably get one.. sooner or later 🙂 Everything here by far exceeds amazing.

  3. I am dying to see the spring line! I was looking forward to it anyways, but after seeing that one little preview of a dress that Sophia was wearing (that I thought might possibly be part of the spring line) I’ve been even more excited. I can’t wait. I’ve saving up, and will hopefully be able to get something.

  4. The dresses are beautiful! I adore Stripes Ahoy. Ruthie wants it so much: it’s just so perfect and amazing and detailed!

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