Welcome to Spring!

Hello everybody! I’m delighted to say that our new Spring 2010 Collection has officially launched!

Melody and I have always loved stripes, so we decided to just give in and make a collection devoted to these lovely parallel lines. However, each dress explores stripes in a different way; Stripes Ahoy! features classic, traditional woven stripes, Mint Vivacity has ‘applied’ ribbon stripes, Sweet Darling is a plaid pleated to make stripes, and the Tropical Sunshine dress has ‘constructed’ stripes, made by stitching two colors of fabric together. Click on the photo above to go see all the new dresses!

And all the dresses should be up in the Etsy shop (we’ve listed all the dresses at once, so whatever is in the shop reflects our actual inventory).

Happy Spring from all of us at MVC!

Melinda, for all the MVC staff


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Spring!

  1. Wow, everything is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe that they’re selling so fast! I really liked the Mint Vivacity, but I believe it’s sold out. 😦 Congrats on a very successful spring line, though!

  2. I love these dresses, they are so gorgeous! I was so disappointed to find the Mint Vivacity dress sold out, but I bought the Tropical Sunshine dress for my Rebecca! It is my first Melody Valerie dress and we are so excited!

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