Custom work updates

Well, we’ve been busy around here! Connie’s dress is almost done — all that’s left is to find the perfect ribbon (and I think I know where we can get it, too). Then, once that’s done, we’ll do the next project: the 192os Middy Dress! (The original photo is on the side — isn’t it charming?)

Anyway, we’ve got the mockup done and next is to go fabric shopping! I’ve planned an expedition for tomorrow morning, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it all comes out. The Middy Dress is going to be navy blue with yellow accents — so cute! I’m also hoping to get some wool; we’re making a replica of Molly McIntire’s brown coat within the next couple of months, so  it seemed logical to get the fabric for that now, before all the stores have cleared out their winter fabrics.

After the Middy Dress is done, we’ll start in on the Alice in Wonderland dress… I was looking at some of the reference photos earlier this evening, and all the detail is absolutely scrumptious!

Talk to you all soon,


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