Cloak & Dagger

Well, we are more than a little delinquent about posting this, since the film has already been released for a month. However, I wanted to go and urge you all to watch Cloak & Dagger on the Starlight Studio’s YouTube channel. It’s an excellently done film — full marks for drama, intrigue, and excitement! And of course, if you keep watching, you’ll get to see Miss Smithens wearing the Coronation Dress. We were so humbled and pleased that we could be a part of this magnificent endeavor!

Enjoy the film, and congratulations to Sitara and Starlight Studios on their excellent work!

For all the MVC staff,



3 thoughts on “Cloak & Dagger

  1. I’m so glad you liked the film! Thank you for creating the gown (and indeed quite a few of the costumes!) as well as for posting about it. 🙂

  2. Sitara, I must say that the film was the most amazing thing I had ever seen with AG dolls. Melinda, the dress was the most gorgeous custom dress I think you have ever made. 🙂 I was so excited when the movie came out, I was flipping out madly.

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