At last, Melinda found the perfect ribbon for Connie’s latest 1950’s dress: the Sapphire.

Click on the picture to go to its page, or just enjoy the luscious beauty of the silk duppioni in the pictures below.


3 thoughts on “Sapphire

  1. Oh, how beautiful! Now Connie must have all the girls at Badger’s Wood jealous for having three custom dresses. I think this is the most gorgeous shade of blue I’ve ever seen.

    PS – I will be emailing you pictures of Rebecca in Tropical Sunshine soon.

  2. I have so much lust for dupioni silk. My Hancock’s has some in midnight blue and I swear, it is killing me not to buy some every time I go in there.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh!
    That dress is absolutely stunning. The color is gorgeous (possibly my new favorite color, lol!). I bet Connie is going to fall in love at the sight of her new custom! 🙂

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