Alice dress progress

‘Tis the season for custom work, and now that we’re back from a very long and restful vacation (thank you everyone for your kind wishes!) I thought I’d show you our progress on the Alice dress.

The lines on the bodice came out almost right, but I think they still need a little bit of tweaking. (Click on the photos for a closer view, if you’re interested.)

This last photo is the materials we’re planning to use: there’s a lovely light blue silk organza on the left, for the overlayer, and then the underlayer will be the silk charmeuse on the right. The bottom two trims are for around the neckline. The two laces on top are for cutting apart; I’ll rearrange the motifs around the bottom of the dress to resemble the embroidery. I also found some super-tiny buttons, but those didn’t make it into the photos (you’ll definitely see them on the finished dress, however!)

Now, off to sew!

Melinda, for all the MVC staff


3 thoughts on “Alice dress progress

  1. Yay! Tim Burton’s new spin on Alice is my favorite movie ever. I may just have to buy a doll to be my Alice and ask you to make another custom dress!

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