Molly’s Coat

In between stints on the Alice dress (which is coming along nicely, by the way: we just finished the skirt last night!) we’ve been working on a replica of Molly’s brown coat from the book Molly’s Surprise.  The mockup was rather unsightly, so we’re not posting photos of that! However, this is the real coat so far:

Besides the front, back, and sleeves (all of which you can see in the photos) there’s going to be a hood. We haven’t quite got to putting it on yet, as it’s one of the last steps.

The only thing we’re not super happy with right now is the size of the pockets — they’re a little big for our taste, but that’s easy enough to fix! Once that’s done, we’ll put in the lining and do up put the little toggle clasps up the front (yes, we found doll-sized toggles! Hurrah for Dill buttons and their huge selection!)



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