I wish you could smell this…

The smell of freshly dried lavender is heavenly!
We ordered this bunch recently from Purple Haze Lavender, in Sequim (say “skwim”) Washington. The lavender bush at our new studio isn’t big enough yet to start producing, so we thought we’d try some from this well-known growing region. It’s apparently one of the best places in the world for lavender (its climate is similar to that of southern France), and wow, is this lavender gorgeous! It has big, plump heads and really long stalks. (Melinda made me pose with the lavender to show you just how long they are!)

Of course, if you order a dress from us, you’ll get to smell it for yourself — we package each of our dresses with a sprig to keep it fresh and lovely during its journey to you. (And don’t worry, we’ll trim the stalk! =)

Now, off to work on the new labels… launch is only a week and a half away!




6 thoughts on “I wish you could smell this…

  1. Oh, how I wish I could smell it! When I order my dress on the 11th, I will 🙂

    Lisette – is that gorgeous dress one of the Fall Line? It seems a little like Mint Vivacity.

  2. Lisette, your dress is drop dead stunning!

    The lavender looks lovely, too–the tiny flowers are so rounded and soft looking. I love the smell of lavender!


  3. It never ceases to amaze me how much Lavender I had seen in France, so I suppose any place with a similar environment to southern France would have as much lavender. It smells wonderful… though, sadly its scent fades after awhile. Lisette, your dress is stunning.

  4. Hi everybody!
    Sadly, my dress isn’t part of the fall line. It is (or rather, was) a sort of Mint Vivacity prototype, which Melinda made up just for me. I like it too =)


    and ps., I’ve discovered that sometimes you can revive lavender’s scent by squishing it between your fingers (squishing releases some more of the oil).

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