a Midsummer Night’s Dream…

Never mind that it’s well into September and now officially fall! We’ve finally started working on the custom dress Inky and Colette requested some time ago. It’s one of the little fairies from the ballet A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Inky wants to be the little sea-green fairy on the lower left of <—this photo.

Here it is again, but this time by itself —>

 And here’s Inky’s version, in progress! We haven’t quite finished the skirt yet (the waistband wasn’t tacked down yet when we took the picture) and obviously it still needs the trim on the front and the little ‘sleeve-ettes’. The best is still to come, however…

 …the little green wings!



After a quiet week at MVC

After all the rush and hubbub of the launch last weekend, we decided to take last week slow. I spent my ‘mini-break’ finishing up some of my own, too-long-unfinished projects! And, the break gave me a chance to clean up a bit. As you can see, there’s a very nice large table in the studio, but right around launch time you couldn’t tell because it was covered with dresses in various stages of completion, to-do lists, sketchbooks, pens and pencils, and a half-dozen other odd items! It’s so nice to have it clean again…

Now that launch, the mini-break, and clean-up are all behind us, it’s one of my favorite times in the MVC season — it’s time to start dreaming again! Now is when I can let my imagination run really free. What should the next collection look like? Is now the time to use that mink cashmere I bought back in February? (It just might be, by the way!) I’ve been reading some books, recharging my creative batteries, gaining new ideas and techniques and inspiration — and now, it’s time to put all that to work!


Thank you!

A sincere thank you to everyone who’s ordered from us! The shop is nearly empty, and we are flabbergasted and deeply thankful for the response from you all!

Just a reminder, there are still four “Literary Travels” dresses available in the shop =)

Thank you once again, everyone!


Melinda and Melody Valerie, for all the MVC staff

Voyages is here!

Thank you everyone for your patience! The dresses should now be available for sale in the shop (www.melodyvalerie.etsy.com) . You can also click on the snazzy new widget in the sidebar!

All orders will ship on Monday!


PS– the new page for Voyages should be up under ‘the dresses’; sorry about the fuzzy pictures, we’re having a few technical difficulties there but should have it fixed soon!