Thank you!

A sincere thank you to everyone who’s ordered from us! The shop is nearly empty, and we are flabbergasted and deeply thankful for the response from you all!

Just a reminder, there are still four “Literary Travels” dresses available in the shop =)

Thank you once again, everyone!


Melinda and Melody Valerie, for all the MVC staff


6 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Darn! I was hoping there would be more Brown Paper Packages. Why am I feeling deja vu? Because this happened to me with Mint Vivacity. Oh, well. Congrats, Melinda and Melody!

  2. Wow… those dresses sold fast. One moment, I had found the perfect dress, ‘Across the Sea’, and so five minutes later I showed my mom the dress. There were four when I left the computer, and when I came back, there was only one! I suppose you could say that these dresses are so fabulously popular, that they seem to sell out the day they are released. Congrats, though!

  3. I’m feeling even luckier than ever now to have been able to purchase a dress (Let’s Take the Train); they sold out so quickly! You deserve it, though, with the quality and design of your collections… I’m betting that the last Literary Travels dress will definitely be sold by the end of today 😉

  4. I was lucky to be able to buy a dress. No wonder they sell like hotcakes — creativity and construction are impeccable! Quality never goes out of style!

    • Kirsten, our resident hair specialist, put it in curlers especially for the photoshoot! Isn’t she talented?

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