After a quiet week at MVC

After all the rush and hubbub of the launch last weekend, we decided to take last week slow. I spent my ‘mini-break’ finishing up some of my own, too-long-unfinished projects! And, the break gave me a chance to clean up a bit. As you can see, there’s a very nice large table in the studio, but right around launch time you couldn’t tell because it was covered with dresses in various stages of completion, to-do lists, sketchbooks, pens and pencils, and a half-dozen other odd items! It’s so nice to have it clean again…

Now that launch, the mini-break, and clean-up are all behind us, it’s one of my favorite times in the MVC season — it’s time to start dreaming again! Now is when I can let my imagination run really free. What should the next collection look like? Is now the time to use that mink cashmere I bought back in February? (It just might be, by the way!) I’ve been reading some books, recharging my creative batteries, gaining new ideas and techniques and inspiration — and now, it’s time to put all that to work!



One thought on “After a quiet week at MVC

  1. That sounds fun. I love letting my ideas range outwards.. it helps so much! I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing next. I love sketching. I can’t do much with a sewing needle, but it’s fun to map out your ideas. I think you worked really on the new line!

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