exciting news!

Well, we’ve been busy around here (that’s why we haven’t posted very much!) but after some thinking, sewing and generally wrestling with mock-ups, we are pleased to announce that:

there will be a line of all-new garments for the upcoming holiday season!

We’re still working out when exactly we’ll launch (there’s still a fair bit of sewing to do) but we’re hoping to be ready for sometime just after Thanksgiving. And it’s going to be gorgeous — probably our best collection yet!

More details coming soon…


PS — thank you to everybody who’s commented recently on the dresses from past collections! We appreciate your interest, but sadly, since all our dresses are limited editions, they’re gone once they’ve sold out. You can see all the dresses we currently have available for sale by visiting our shop, http://www.melodyvalerie.etsy.com. Or you can just click on the snazzy widget at the top of the sidebar!


3 thoughts on “exciting news!

  1. Hi Melody Valorie!

    I love your dresses, they are all so pretty! Do you do patterns? Anyway, I was just wondering how your company grew so much, I’ve been trying to start a doll clothes company, but only one dress has sold. Do you have any advice? If so, I’d love to hear it.

    Thank you!

    Savvy Sav

  2. I can’t wait to see the new line. I was especially bummed to hear that Brown Paper Packages had sold out just when I decided to buy it, so I’m really looking forward for this. (And three of my girls need Christmas ensembles, so we’ll see if an order will be coming our way soon…)


  3. I am so excited!

    I really have to get something from this line–your dresses are an integral part of Starlight Studios. Also, we’re in dire need of some wintery dresses (for an upcoming MV…^_~).We’re certainly looking forward to this!


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