Silk Chiffon

Silk is one of our favorite fibers here at Melody Valerie Couture, and recently we’ve ventured into the dangerous realm of silk chiffon (it’s apparently one of the most difficult fibers to sew!). All the work is worth it, though — it has a deliciously soft hand, and it drapes effortlessly across any surface. It’s also very diaphonous, so designers can get really interesting effects by stacking layers of it together (like this layered floral print).

Designers also get fabulous effects out of striped chiffon. This red dress, for example, has a skirt made from several layers of stripes — and the overall effect is quite striking! (And, if you feel really adventurous, you can also stack two stripes at right angles to each other and create a sort of plaid… gorgeous!)

This enchanting off-white dress shows another way to use a striped sheer: pleat it! This way, the skirt appears to be a solid fabric — but if you look closely, you can see where the pleats release at the bottom of the skirt and the original, striped fabric is visible!

So many possibilities, so little time…



All dresses are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Click on the pictures to learn more about each dress!


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