Aurifil thread

I did it. I finally managed to finish my first spool of Aurifil!  (Needless to say, I bought another one right away…)

One of my sewing mentors recommended it to me last year, so when I found some white Aurifil at SewExpo in February, I thought I’d give it a try. I used that spool all year — and just the other day it finally ran out. Ten months of hard sewing out of just one spool of thread? I was hooked!

Besides coming on comparatively large cones, Aurifil is a very slender, thin fiber. This means it slides right through tiny needle eyes (always a plus!) and is more in scale for doll-sized wear. It’s a little difficult to see the size difference from the photo above, but there is no mistaking the delicate Aurifil when you’re actually sewing! It also didn’t seem to fray or tangle as much as ordinary thread — and thread that behaves itself makes for a very happy seamstress!



The new listings are up…

… and clicking on the widget on the right should take you to them! They’ll end next Monday, Dec. 27th, around noon PST (we didn’t want them to interfere with Christmas!)


New auctions begin Monday, Dec. 20

Thank you everybody for your response to our auctions — the first round closed this afternoon, and we’re very grateful to all the bidders! The last set of dresses will go up for auction this coming Monday, and will be up until the Monday after Christmas.

In other news, we still have some dresses available from our Fall/Winter 2008 collection — they’re now available in our Etsy shop.

Thank you again to all our wonderful customers!


The Sophistication pages are up!

Whew! That was a lot of work, but so worth it!

This is Lisette, just writing to say the pages are up for all the new dresses! You can click on the picture to the left, or go look under “The Dresses” like normal, to see some lovely shots and read a bit of the background about each dress!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go curl up with a book and some hot chocolate… it’s been a long day!


some clarifications

Hello all!

Thank you for all your interest and enthusiasm about our new line! I just wanted to clarify some of the concerns that came up in the comments on the previous post.

We’ll be listing the new dresses on eBay using the auction function, rather than the buy-it-now function.  We’re not necessarily trying to move to eBay permanently; rather, we’re just trying it out for this collection to see how it works.

Can’t wait — tomorrow will be exciting!


Sophistication Logistics

Hello Everybody! Lisette here.

We’re all hustle and bustle around here, getting ready for Christmas… oh yes, and that little thing called Launch! We’ve been writing ads this morning, culling photos, and a thousand other small things to keep the works running smoothly!

After some careful thought we’ve decided to list the new dresses on Ebay this time. We’re not trying to set a precedent or anything, but we wanted to be sure that everybody had a chance to see the dresses for sale. The first garments will go up on Saturday, as promised, sometime before noon Pacific Time. And we’ll be sure to give you links, so it should be easy to find the listings. Of course, we will still have a few things in our Etsy shop (there’s still one Literary Travels dress available!)

Thanks everybody for your patience as we figure this out! Now, back to work…